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Each year we at Themedattraction.com hear from thousands of people wanting to get more connected in the themed entertainment industry. Some are seeking jobs, others advice. Some want to design the world's largest theme parks, yet still others are just interested in how the "magic" is made.

Until only a few years ago it was extremely difficult to make any real connections with the people who actually design theme park attractions. It is our goal at Imagination Portal to connect people together. . . from the industry gurus to the visionaries with big ideas, to the student just starting out.

In order to make these connections easier, we have set up free email service just for you. You can get an email address (yourname@themedattraction.com) and plenty of disk space for your messages. Of course, this email isn't just for theme park enthusiasts. It's for anyone who would like to have a unique email address.

It's fast, private, secure, and fun! You can be up and running in only a few minutes.

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